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We sell combined post to people who want a number of things from our store. I will explain the postage costs for you they are itemized below for you.

For Letter size objects to the weight of 250 grams is $2.99

For 250 grams to 500 grams is $8.55

for  500 grams to 1 KG is $11.55

For 1 kg to 3 kg is $14.50

for 3 kg to 5 kg is $17.65

As you can see it all depends what goes into a Postal Envelope so we charge for the post as the Australian postal system is different rates than other Countries.

We can put most patterns in an envelope for $2.99

Books are different as they can weigh differently and if they are thick they usually go to $8.99, but if they are over 480 grams they go into an $11.55 gram bag.

Most garments go into 1 kg bag as the size or weight is about that size, sometimes it is more if the garment is thicker or weight goes over 500 grams.

Barbie dolls usually go into a box for $8.99 or we can put 2 into a box saving you $8.99 as combined postage.

We have Pre-loved items as well as New. It will tell you the Condition of each item, it gives you the description New, Like New, Very Good, Good or Acceptable. We always try to provide items in perfect condition, as well they are always clean and from a non-smoker’s house.

This is how you pick sizes to fit you